What To Do after a Truck Accident

Truck accidents kill and injure many Americans each year due to the large size and weight of the vehicle. Tractor trailers trucks are also more susceptible to certain risk factors due to the weight distribution when carrying cargo. In 2012, roughly 3,921 people were killed in large truck accidents, and another 104,000 people were injured. About 73 percent of fatalities and injuries were occupants of other vehicles at the time of the truck accident. Since so many truck accidents affect other drivers, it is important that passengers and drivers understand what actions should be taken immediately following a truck accident.

Truck Accident Scene

At the truck accident scene, it is vital that certain steps be taken. Immediately after the accident, emergency services should be contacted. This will help to establish the degree and severity of the accident, and will help to control dangerous situations. Victims should receive needed medical attention before other actions are taken.

Waiting for Emergency Services

While waiting for emergency personnel, those that are uninjured may help by blocking victims from further dangers, such as oncoming traffic. It may also be necessary to move vehicles that present hazards. Victims should not be moved accept by medical personnel, as injuries may be worsened. Flares or hazard lights may help to warn other drivers of the accident.

Gathering Information

When dangers are under control and victims have been tended to, it is important to obtain as much evidence as possible pertaining to the details of the crash. Writing down recollections and witness accounts can help to preserve the information before it is forgotten. Taking pictures of damage and injuries as soon as possible can help to prove many aspects of a case. In some cases, video recording may provide new insights into a crash. Victims should also obtain a copy of the police report and any relevant medical records for future reference.

Contacting a Truck Accident Attorney

After a truck accident, victims are often in shock. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible may help truck accident victims follow procedures that will help later when trying to recover compensation. An experienced truck accident attorney can provide advice about how to compile evidence and what not to say to insurance companies or law enforcement. An attorney may even be able to come to the crash scene in order to assist with gathering evidence, taking photographs, and speaking with emergency personnel and insurance agents.