Know Your Legal Rights

Federal and state trucking laws exist to ensure the safety of truck drivers, their employers, federal and state entities, and other vehicles on the road. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) sets forth federal standards and trucking laws that apply to all truck drivers in the United States. Trucking laws apply to a number of factors involved in trucking, such as driver qualification and behavior, trucking company policies, and driver and vehicle insurance policies.

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Safety for Yourself & Our Community

Practicing truck safety can be a deciding factor for whether or not a truck wreck occurs. In many cases, a truck wreck is the direct result of the truck driver’s actions, both intentional and unintentional. Mechanical and environmental issues can also play a role in truck accidents. In some cases, truck accidents may prove unavoidable. However, maintaining consistent truck safety practices can significantly reduce the chances of a truck accident.

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Take the Next Step

Are you looking for a truck accident attorney to help you obtain monetary recovery for the damages you suffered? The team at DWKMR&S is on call to help assess your potential for legal action. We provide multiple ways for prospective clients to connect with us. We will respond to you quickly, and your consultation with us is free and private. While our office is located in Orlando, our firm has the resources and connections to handle tractor trailer accident litigation & compensation nationwide.

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Relevant News & Trucking Information

Stay up to date with the most recent legal news in trucking litigation. Our blog hosts recent stories, updates in trucking injury law, and dives deeper into your legal rights after a truck accident.

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Truck Accident Support

Despite trucking safety procedures and precautions, roughly 500,000 U.S. trucking accidents occur each year. The colossal size and weight of tractor trailers can cause devastating consequences for involved drivers, often resulting in permanent disability, disfigurement, and death. As a trucking accident attorney, I have helped families to deal with the physical, psychological, and financial burdens that face victims after a catastrophic accident.

For tractor trailer accident victims and their loved ones, the complexities of trucking laws and the trucking insurance system can stand in the way of receiving the compensation they deserve. Commercial trucking companies are equipped with extensive teams of lawyers and diluted insurance policies designed to minimize payout for victims. My 30 years of legal experience has given me an extensive understanding of insurance law, litigation, settlement techniques, and trial practices. I have the financial and legal resources to fight corporate trucking insurance companies on behalf of truck accident victims. I take pride in my unparalleled customer service and commitment to seeking the maximum compensation for my clients. Most importantly, I am prepared for a full trial when it is the only means necessary for justice.

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