Tractor Trailer Attorney

A truck accident lawsuit is often complex and time-consuming. Truck accident lawsuits differ from typical automobile lawsuits due to the unique regulations and laws that apply to the trucking industry. Additionally, a truck accident lawsuit may be more in-depth depending on whether the truck was traveling between states. A tractor trailer attorney can help truck accident victims by managing the legal process necessary to file and complete a truck accident lawsuit.

Role of a Tractor Trailer Attorney

An experienced tractor trailer attorney will help victims with virtually all aspects of a truck accident lawsuit. The attorney will help to create and file the claim, collect evidence, and negotiate with insurance companies for a pre-trial settlement. If a settlement is not agreed upon by both parties, a tractor trailer attorney will prepare and present the case in trial. In addition to navigating the truck accident lawsuit, a tractor trailer attorney can offer legal advice and guidance to the plaintiff during the process.

Spoliation Letter

A tractor trailer attorney will send a spoliation letter to the trucking insurance company. This letter requests that all evidence related to the accident is preserved. This letter is necessary because certain documentation can be legally destroyed after a certain timeframe has passed. Without a formal letter of spoliation, the insurance company has the right to destroy critical evidence that may affect the outcome of a truck accident lawsuit.

Interviews and Vehicle Examination

During the legal process, a tractor trailer attorney will collect important information such as witness testimony and inspection of the vehicles involved in the crash. Accident witnesses should be interviewed as soon as possible to prevent loss of memory regarding specific details. Vehicle examination is often conducted with the guidance of accident reconstruction experts. These experts will observe damage to the vehicles, as well as evidence indicating defective parts.

Accident Reconstruction

In many cases, a tractor trailer attorney will work with forensic engineers to reconstruct the accident. This process involves gathering as much data as possible related to the accident. After sufficient data is collected, the information is “pieced” together to simulate the accident as closely as possible. This provides valuable evidence during a truck accident lawsuit.

Finding a Tractor Trailer Attorney

After a truck accident, victims should seek a knowledgeable and experienced tractor trailer attorney. It is important to select a tractor trailer attorney who has a proven track record of success while defending clients in similar truck accident cases. Familiarity with the unique legal process of a truck accident lawsuit can be a significant contributing factor for the outcome of a case.


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