Preventing a Truck Wreck

Approximately ninety percent of all truck wrecks are caused by errors made by vehicle occupants or other people on the road. Preventing a truck wreck is as simple as following road rules and being alert to situations that may cause an accident. Approximately 450,000 truck wrecks could be prevented each year if people actively worked to avoid truck accidents.

Truck Driver’s Role in Preventing a Truck Wreck

The driver of the truck has the position with the most opportunity for preventing a truck wreck, as a driver may be able to prevent an accident even after risk factors are in place by using defensive maneuvering. One of the most important things that a driver can do to prevent a truck wreck is to stay unimpaired and alert. Alcohol, prescription drugs, and fatigue are leading factors that impair a driver’s judgment and ability to react defensively.

Truck drivers can also prevent accidents by:

  • Reducing distractions
  • Following traffic laws
  • Securing cargo
  • Inspecting vehicle prior to departure
  • Properly maintaining all truck parts

After a Truck Wreck

If a truck wreck has occurred, an attorney may be able to help victims understand options for receiving compensation. An attorney can help to determine who was at fault for not preventing a truck wreck. Trucking companies may be responsible, especially if truck maintenance would have played a key role in preventing a truck wreck. If an error on the part of the truck driver could have prevented the truck wreck, either the company or the driver may be at fault depending on the situation.


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